Free Flow Mondays

Creative Mondays

If you are interested in a regular, creative exchange in a small group: from July 2020 until the end of the year once a month we will meet in the kunstfreiraum studio in Oberwil.

Each evening will be devoted to a different subject, either to a specific design element (color, lines, and structures) or to specific mindset topics that often block us in the painting process (letting go, mindset and failure).

New works can be started, but you can also continue to work on your works in progress.

The evenings can be booked individually, as a 6-pack or in combination with a workshop.

In the kunstfreiraum studio in Oberwil we have enough space to implement Covid 19 protection measures. For the time being, a maximum of 4 people can take part in the Free Flow evenings.

Colour20.7.20207 – 9.30 PMCHF 90
Letting Go17.8.20207 – 9.30 PMCHF 90

Lines14.9.20207 – 9.30 PMCHF 90
12.10.20207 – 9.30 PMCHF 90
Structures9.11 20207 – 9.30 PMCHF 90
Failure7.12.20207 – 9.30 PMCHF 90
All 6 evenings7 – 9.30 PMCHF 470
1 Workshop & 6 evenings7 – 9.30 PMCHF 740