Free Flow Workshops

Cold Wax and Oil

„Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain an artist when you grow up.“

Pablo Picasso

Creativity is a part of all of us and develops best when we can let go and are one with your actions.

In this workshop, we open the door to creativity with the help of experimental painting techniques in a playful way. We enjoy the freedom of letting go and being in the moment. Making mistakes is impossible – there is no right or wrong. We let ourselves be surprised by the intuitive process, curiosity, and the unknown and enjoy the beauty of imperfection.

This strengthens self-confidence and releases unexpected creative energy – if we only try.

We work with putty knives, pallet knives, cold wax, and oil paints on paper.

A list of the materials to be taken along is provided.

For newcomers all materials are available.

The studio in Oberwil is spacious and allows us to implement comprehensive Covid 19 protection measures.

kunstfreiraum in der Ziegelei, Hohestrasse 134, 4102 Oberwil
Time6 – 9.30 PM
ExperienceFor anybody who would like to discover his creativity
Participants4 to 6
Dates 2020

25. & 26. June 2020
18. & 19. August 2020
12. & 13. November 2020
CostCHF 300
Materialby consumption